"In the end, we only have hunger for more."

“What would represent better our brand and mindset?”
What is the main representation of a piranha? The true element of the aggressiveness and will power of this great animal?
The tooth. It’s the shape of our fearless logo and truly represents our hunger for more.

But the animal and this little element wasn’t the only inspiration to create our Piranha Logo.

Shaped it with the maximum detail, we created it based on 3 main pillars of our core mindset: disruptive, quality and tribe. Without there wouldn’t be reason for us to exist.

In honor to the duality of our brand, our divided logo symbolizes: the business mind behind of our company and the passionate soul for art and culture that we share with our creative community.

In the end, we only have hunger for more.

Bite on.

Hunger for more.