Craving to empower the art beyond tattoo and piercing, we started, in october of 2016, to tell stories through graffiti and illustration in our Piranha Tattoo Studios. So we can deliver this new services, we have two fantastic artists always ready to spread creativity in any canvas.

Our great artist José Almeida, with a great history on painting and illustration, makes customized illustrations on helmets, bikes and walls. With his detailed work, fine lines and creativity, José Almeida turns any canvas into a storyteller.

Carlos Breakone, with his astonishing background in urban art and graffiti, sees every graffiti /wall art project as a mission. As great urban art demands great responsibility, the context is really important to him so he can blend the perfect piece of art with the surroundings and culture of the place. With a characteristic style, he achieves always impressive artworks.

Be amazed with his last project.

We tell stories through graffitis and illustrations.

So, challenge our artists, choose the canvas and leave the rest with us.

Bite on.

Piranha Tattoo Studios.
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